Bartlett Roofing Get Your Roof Ready For Spring

Spring is right around the corner, which means spring cleaning is in full effect. While decluttering your home and cleaning out the garage are great places to start on your spring cleaning list, but your roof also needs a little extra love this season. Here us this checklist to maintain your roof in excellent shape.

1. Tree Trim

Long branches can scratch, damage or even completely remove roofing materials. Trim any extended branches that are encroaching your roof.

2. Clean Gutters

Your gutters have been working over the winter and fall to drain all the rain and snow that accumulated on your roof during the winter and fall. Giving them a good inspection will ensure that water continues to drain properly off of your roof to prevent damage.

3. Check Shingles

After a rainy, windy and snowy winter, shingles can become damaged. Inspect for any loose, crack or curled shingles. These things can get worse over time if unattended to, so catching them early will help your roof lasts as long as possible

4. Inspect Attic

A healthy roof starts on the inside. Inspect your attic for any stains or leaks that may have surfaced over the winter.

5. Remove Mold & Debris

Debris and moss can cause severe damage to your shingles. To prevent this, make sure to sweep off sticks and leaves from your roof and use control strips to remove moss and algae.

After a harsh winter, it’s possible that leaks or structural damage have occurred on your roof. Hiring a professional to replace your roof is the safest way to protect your home. Bartlett Roofing is proud to provide roofing service from your home to your business, give us a call for a free inspection we can help you get your roof to replace by your insurance company do to the weather damage.