When Is The Best Time To Repair My Roof?

You might realize that there is roof damage when you see a leak or a stain on your ceiling. But when damage occurs, you don’t want to wait to see that brown spot in your ceiling, which means that you have more damage then you think. If possible, head out to the curb to look up at your roof from the ground level. Look for any shingles that might be missing, askew, or curling. Any of these features means you need a repair roof shingles right away. Here are a few tips to follow:

Contact Your Roofing Professional

Contact us if you see any of the damage listed above; We specialize in StormForce and will make sure your roof is replaced. We work with your homeowner’s insurance. Please Provide us with any details about the damage over the phone or online.

Boise, Phoenix, and Salt Lake have their share of extreme weather patterns. From sunny days to thunderstorms and strong winds, timing when to repair roof shingles is crucial to avoid severe damage

Repair or Replace Sections

There are multiple solutions when damage occurs. Your roof repair might include shingle repairs or a full roof replacement. We will cover these options when they see the damage in person.

Bartlett Roofing Protecting your home and family is part of the roofer’s job.