Charming Wood Shake Roofing Adds a Rustic Feeling to Your Home

Wood Shake Roofing Contractors

Are you looking for a different kind of roofing system? Consider installing a wood shake roof to add a bit of personality to your home. Wood shakes are natural products cut from a variety of tree types, including cedar wood. They are also very attractive, giving your home the feeling of a woodland cottage or historic home.

As an experienced roofing company that’s served customers for more than 25 years, we have the skills needed to work with wood shakes and shingles. Our certified roofers can get your roof replacement completed quickly and to the highest industry standards.

Enjoy the Charm of a Rustic Wood Shake Roof

Wood shake roofing is still a surprisingly popular choice for residential properties across the country. It instantly brings rustic charm to any building, yet also provides plenty of protection. There’s a reason wood shakes have been used on homes for hundreds of years.

If you are thinking about installing a roof with wood shakes and shingles, here are some of the benefits to consider:

Homeowners interested in wood shakes and shingles may also need to spend more time on upkeep. There are a few annual tasks you need to complete as part of wood shake roof maintenance, such as regular power washing of the roof and replacement of the occasional damaged shingle. However, our experts can help with the small roof repairs needed to keep your property looking great.

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