Bartlett Roofing 2020 Shingle Color of the Year

If you are considering replacing your roof this Spring of 2020 here at Bartlett Roofing we have the best product for your home, Owens Corning Pacific Wave is the 2020 Shingle Color of the Year. Pacific Wave is calm and peaceful yet strong and impressive. A shingle collection that integrates a unique combination of saturated colors for a rich, high-contrast dimensional effect bringing depth and style to the home’s roof. Pacific Wave was inspired by the color of the deep pacific ocean, and it takes a regular gray shingle to a whole new level. Pale blue mixed with dark and light gray granules will help these shingles look great on a beach cottage at the coast or on a classic Colonial brick home away from water. And best of all, Pacific Wave can pair with a wide range of accent colors, so you can let your personality shine.

More Than Just A Roof

A roof protects what matters to you most. You expect premium performance to protect your home, but what about style? You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. A roof can be over 40% of your home’s exterior, so the shingle you choose is one of the most important choices you can make for your home. It can be the defining design element that ties all your exterior features together. Selecting a roof color can be an exciting opportunity to best express your overall style and personality.


Inspired by seaside living, a coastal home can have a modern exterior design or take a more traditional approach. This style includes anything from pastel or bright sunny colors, to a more natural look.

Colonial Revival

The most popular style of architecture in the United States, Colonial Revival, is a mixture of different American historical styles. The look is classic with few color schemes, often relying on a white painted or brick exterior.

West Coast Contemporary

Not to be confused with West Coast Modern, West Coast Contemporary incorporates wood as a primary material, blending nature-inspired, open-concept architecture and utilizing glass for a strikingly modern contrast.

If you liked any of these designs and you are ready to change your home style, give us a call to schedule a free inspection for our roof.